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Ca Mau to relocate thousands of households due to coastal erosion

The southernmost province of Ca Mau has plans to relocate thousands of households from areas vulnerable to erosion along rivers and the coast.

Surveys of relevant agencies showed around 6,700 households need to be moved away from unsafe areas, with most of them concentrated in coastal areas of U Minh, Tran Van Thoi, Phu Tan, Nam Can, Ngoc Hien and Dam Doi districts.

Priority will be given to more than 1,000 households who have already lost their homes to erosion.

It is estimated that over 940 billion VND (nearly 40.5 million USD) will be needed for the work.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has begun inspections of erosion sites on riverbanks and coastal sites in the province.

Ca Mau is the first province in the Mekong River Delta to be inspected under the order of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. 

The province’s People Committee has petitioned the Government to allocate 947 billion VND for dyke projects that face a shortage of funds.

In addition, the provincial authority will continue to direct units to inspect sites affected by erosion and identify potential at-risk areas and promptly report to the Government, ministries and central branches.

The province’s west and east coasts are seriously affected by climate change. The East Sea coast has suffered strong erosion, between 30 and 50m every year, because dyke systems have not been able to prevent erosion.

Erosion has affected residential areas near the coast, causing damage to housing and transport infrastructure.