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Breakthroughs needed to turn Thuan Thanh into core urban area: NA Chairman

Breakthroughs needed to turn Thuan Thanh into core urban area: NA Chairman National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue has urged the authorities of Thuan Thanh district of Bac Ninh province to continue making remarkable progress in a bid to turn the locality into a modern and civilised urban area, serving as a core area and creating the impetus for socio-economic development in the southern region of Duong River.

Addressing a ceremony to celebrate the 110th founding anniversary of Thuan Thanh district (1912-2023) and announce the National Assembly Standing Committee's Resolution to establish Thuan Thanh township on April 5, the NA Chairman praised the efforts and achievements of the local Party Organisation, administration, armed forces, and people in recent times, stressing that urbanisation is an inevitable process and a crucial motivation for rapid and sustainable socio-economic development.

Hue said in the coming time, the Party Organisation, administration, armed forces, and people of Thuan Thanh need to focus on well performing the work of building the Party and the political system, enhancing ethics of civil servants, developing urban and cultural infrastructure to meet requirements of sustainable development, and fulfilling important tasks.

Attention should be paid to improving the quality of urban planning and management, developing urban planning linked to urban economic development, moving towards a green, smart, and climate-resilient urban model.

The authorities of Bac Ninh province and Thuan Thanh township must take measures to ensure the efficiency of land management and use of land resources in the locality and accelerate administrative reform, especially in updating and adjusting information related to the residence place of citizens in the national database system on the population; and re-organising and changing the administrative boundaries and names of administrative units, thus facilitating the life of local residents and businesses’ operations, the NA Chairman said.

He also asked Thuan Thanh to mobilise resources to satisfy requirements for minimum standards, especially the standard for treated urban wastewater ratio meeting technical regulations in newly-established wards in the township.

The top legislator expressed his belief that Thuan Thanh township will continue to develop strongly, becoming a prosperous, green, smart, and integrated urban area, thus achieving greater successes.

Earlier, Hue offered incense at Kinh Duong Vuong temple and tomb complex in Dai Dong Thanh commune, and visited the Dong Ho painting conservation centre in Song Ho commune.

According to the NA Standing Committee's Resolution 723, from April 10, 2023, Bac Ninh will have two new townships namely Thuan Thanh and Que Vo, and 21 wards, increasing the urbanisation rate of the province to 51.32%, up 14.5% compared to 2022./.