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Border guard force resolves to stop illegal entry into Vietnam

The border guard force has intensified monitoring of the border line over the past more than three months to stop the illegal entry into Vietnam.

A total of 1,600 checkpoints have been set up along the border, manned by nearly 10,000 soldiers and officers, who coordinated with local military and self-defence forces to detect more than 15,000 people illegally entering the country and put them in quarantine.

The border guard force have also maintained regular patrols to guard national sovereignty and border security.

However, some localities have seen the rise of some rings which illegally brought foreigners into the country by road, by sea and by air, using sophisticated tricks such as hiding people in cargo or containers to go through border gates, which have caused negative impacts on the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

Under the Prime Minister’s instruction, the Ministry of National Defence has assigned its Criminal Investigation Office, the Central Military Procuracy, and the Military Security Agency to set up working teams to investigate such rings.

The ministry assigned the Border Guard Command, the Coast Guard Command and military zones to inform the instructions of the PM and the Minister of Defence to every soldier and officer, thus raising their sense of responsibility in preventing illegal entry into the country.

The ministry ordered intensifying patrols and inspections along the entire border line in order to keep the border safe, while coordinating with the public security force to early bring to trial cases of illegally bringing people into the country.

Military units are also urged to actively fight back wrongful views of hostile elements about the guidelines and viewpoints of the Party, State and Army on COVID-19 prevention and control./