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Book to promote Vietnam’s geographical indication-registered products

“Geographical Indication: Natural Heritage and Vietnamese Culture”, a new book collated by the National Office of Intellectual Property under the Ministry of Science and Technology, will be published later this month.

The book, built under the framework of the “Support the Development of Geographical Indication in Vietnam” project, will offer readers an overall look into the quality, reputation, traditional values, and origin of products bearing geographical indication.

It will be also a useful reference tool for State management agencies, organisations, and individuals, contributing to the introduction and promotion of Vietnamese geographical indications to domestic and international consumers.

All over the world, developing geographical indication has become a strategy to raise consumer awareness and promote heritage values formed from natural and cultural conditions, ultimately improving the competitiveness of traditional products.

There are around 10,000 protected geographical indications around the world, with annual trade value estimated at 50 billion USD.

In Vietnam, with the advantages of nature, diversity of traditional culture, experience, diligence, and ingenuity of the people, the country boasts many traditional agricultural products and handicrafts imbued with the variety in Vietnamese cultural identities. Among them, many products are the key items from their localities, and are already known widely in domestic and foreign markets.

In recent times, Vietnam has built up legal corridors and regulations, as well as effective measures to support the registration and management of geographical indication. This has helped to develop and promote speciality products, increasing their value and competitiveness in the market.

By June 2018, 60 geographical indications in 39 provinces and cities were protected, helping localities gradually affirm their position in producing and trading their specialities.

The book “Geographical Indication: Natural Heritage and Vietnamese Culture” will update and introduce these 60 protected geographical indications, such as Phu Quoc fish sauce, Shan Tuyet tea in Moc Chau, Buon Ma Thuot bean coffee, Doan Hung pomelo, Binh Thuan dragon fruit, Lang Son star aniseed, Thanh Ha lychee, Phan Thiet fish sauce, and Vinh orange, among others.