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Book on President Ho Chi Minh published in Thailand

Thailand’s Lampang Rajabhat University has published a book on President Ho Chi Minh in Vietnamese and Thai languages, praising the late leader’s morals and vision.

The book, entitled “President Ho Chi Minh who laid foundation for present Vietnam-Thailand relations,” was released on the occasion of 90 years since he worked in Thailand and 50 years of the implementation of his testament.

It was compiled by Assistant Professor, Dr. Truong Thi Hang from the Lampang Rajabhat University and Prof. Chuan Petkaew from the Suratthani Rajabhat University, with the support of a consultation council. 

With 507 pages in the Thai version and 387 others in Vietnamese, the five-chapter book highlighted President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology of international solidarity as well as his journey to spread patriotism in Thailand. 

The book has been sent to libraries of 100 universities and academies in Thailand, helping local researchers and readers understand more about President Ho Chi Minh and his role in building the fruitful relationship between Vietnam and Thailand.

The Lampang Rajabhat University is scheduled to present the book to the Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand, leaders of Lampang province, the Thailand-Vietnam Friendship Association, the Vietnamese Association in Thailand, universities in Thailand’s northern provinces, along with relic sites and museums in the country on May 22.

Associate Prof. Dr. Somkiat Saithanoo, head of the Lampang Rajabhat University, said that the book hand-over has helped to promote cooperation between the university and the Vietnamese Embassy in Vietnamese language teaching, scientific research and the preservation of traditional culture of the two countries. 

Songpol Sawastham, Governor of Lampang province, said the book introduction and presenting event will contribute to enhancing the friendship between the two countries.