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Book gathers stories of expats in Vietnam

The cover of Stories of Expats in Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Green Passport, co-distributor of the book
A book gathering the experiences, feelings and troubles of 21 expats in Vietnam has been released nationwide.

They have different occupations and face different difficulties while living in Vietnam, however, they share the same love and strong attachment to the country.

Entitled Stories of Expats in Vietnam, the book tells the stories of foreigners from various countries such as the US, Russia, Mexico, Japan and France. They have come to as workers, teachers, journalists, veterans and writers. Some came for a vacation. Some came for work. Some came to learn about the history. But they all fell in love and stayed in the country.

The authors reflect Vietnam’s integration and development. They see the society with curious and truthful eyes. They want to share their respect for people who are friendly, kind-hearted and peace-loving.

The book is published by the The Gioi Publishing House.