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Book fair within Hung Kings Temple Festival framework opens

A book fair opened at Hung Kings Temple historical relic site in the northern province of Phu Tho on April 6, as part of the 2019 Hung Kings Temple Festival, which falls on April 5-14 (the first to tenth day of the third lunar month).

The book fair, the third of its kind, includes 10 booths displaying over 100,000 book titles of various types.

Within the framework of the event, the organising board also receives books donated for schools and libraries in the province’s remote areas.

The book fair will remain open to visitors until April 14.

On this occasion, a mobile phone application on Hung Kings Temple made debut. The app guides locals and visitors how to visit tourist sites and practise the worshipping rituals of the Hung Kings.

The Hung Kings founded the first nation in the history of Vietnam, called Van Lang, in Phong Chau (now Phu Tho province). Legend has it that the Hung Kings ruled the country through 18 generations (2879–258 BC). They chose Nghia Linh Mountain, the highest in the region, to perform rituals devoted to rice and sun deities to pray for lush crops.

To honour their great contributions, a complex of temples dedicated to them was built on Nghia Linh Mountain, and the tenth day of the third lunar month serves as the national commemorative anniversary for the kings.

The worshipping rituals of the Hung Kings was recognised as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012.