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Boeing accelerates cooperation with Vietnamese suppliers

Boeing accelerates cooperation with Vietnamese suppliers


Boeing, the world’s leading aerospace company based in the US, are accelerating cooperation with Vietnamese suppliers and universities to provide a foundation for long-term industrial growth, according to Boeing Vietnam Country Director Michael Nguyen.

Boeing is working with seven suppliers in Vietnam, he said at the Boeing Aerospace Industry Forum recently held in Hanoi.

Hosted by Boeing, the forum was part of Boeing’s collaboration with Vietnam and its commitment to enhance the country’s aerospace capabilities.

To build a Boeing 747, the American aerospace manufacturer needs six million parts, which are sought from suppliers worldwide, he said.

He held that Vietnam will be a very potential market, provided that it owns high-quality human resources, good investment environment as well as the Government’s support policies.

Boeing wants to follow the ways of Samsung and Intel to expand its network of suppliers in Vietnam, Nguyen said, adding that the corporation will also work with Vietnamese firms to apply the best manufacturing practices and manage suppliers./.