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Banh ran among world’s best fried foods: CNN

The Hanoi speciality Banh ran is among the best dishes from Vietnam that CNN Travel suggests travellers try when visiting the capital in particular or the country in general.

Banh ran (as it is called in the north of Vietnam) or Banh Cam (in the south), is a familiar deep-fried sticky rice dessert that can be found at any market in Vietnam.

Traditionally, banh ran is divided into two categories: “sweet” and “saltine”. The sweet pastry is filled with sweetened mung bean paste and fresh coconut slices.

Meanwhile the filling in the saltine pastry, which is mainly found in the north, consists of minced pork, wood-ear mushrooms, dried vermicelli, carrots, and salt and pepper.

The CNN list also includes tempura from Japan, jalebi from India, and Churos from Spain, among others./.