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Bac Lieu to grant production codes for shrimp farms

More shrimp farming households, cooperatives and companies in Bac Lieu province have registered to get production codes to expand exports.  

The Mekong Delta province has granted codes to 850 establishments with a total of 1,200ha since 2019, according to its Fisheries Sub-department.

Most of the farms are in Bac Lieu city, Gia Rai township and the districts of Hoa Binh, Dong Hai and Vinh Loi.

To get the code, shrimp farmers need to meet certain standards, maintain a cultivation diary for origin traceability and fulfil other farming requirements.

Ta Hoang Nhiem, chairman of the province's Shrimp Association, said in recent years the most demanding import markets have focused on origin traceability, and exporters lacking production codes could not sell to them.

The province’s co-operatives and companies have begun to pay more attention to getting production codes, he said.

According to the sub-department, shrimp is farmed on 135,000ha, of which 100,000ha are expected to get the codes.

The provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is taking measures to speed up the issuance.  

Bac Lieu is one of the delta’s largest shrimp producers, and has adopted various effective farming models such as intensive, semi - intensive, super - intensive, shrimp - rice, and shrimp - forest.  

It has also adopted VietGAP, GlobalGAP, organic, and Global Aquaculture Stewardship Council standards for aquaculture.

It is seeking more investment in hi-tech shrimp farming and to create conditions for developing linkages between production and consumption stakeholders.

It is also investing in infrastructure for shrimp farming, especially hi-tech agriculture zones./.