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Australia’s Escape: Vietnam delivers Asia’s best value

Australia’s tourism newswire Escape has recently published an article hailing Vietnam as an ideal budget destination for Australian tourists.

In the article entitled “On a budget? Why Vietnam delivers Asia’s best value”, the author highlighted reasons for why this Southeast Asian country is the best “worth every penny” choice for Oceanian visitors.

The author wrote that lower inflation in Vietnam and a stronger-than-usual Aussie dollar against Asian currencies are a good confluence of events for those wanting to travel to Vietnam.

“Not only can you nab some incredible deals on budget direct flights from Australia, but there’s also a tonne of distressed accommodation rates due mostly to the country’s strict COVID-19 lockdowns which brutalised their tourism industry for over two years”, he said.

He cited his own experience to help readers envision an affordable trip to Vietnam, saying that from midday, on any given day, glasses of local lager are enjoyed by both locals and tourists from as little as 0.20 to 0.50 AUD each. Drinking cheap ‘Bia Hoi’ (beer) on a Hanoi street corner was made ubiquitous for tourists.

According to him, the Vietnamese have perfected coffee culture to a point where it rivals even Melbourne or Milan. A basic Vietnamese coffee, with the usual (welcome) addition of sweetened condensed milk, only fetches 1.6 AUD. He is particularly impressed by “Egg Coffee”, a popular Hanoi delicacy. It is the yolk of an egg, machine-whisked with milk, then poured over an Americano which ranges from 2-3 AUD.

Vietnam’s ground transport services like Uber’s equivalent - Grab are not only ridiculously cheaper but also way more efficient. A trip across the entire Old Quarter of Hanoi on the back of a Grab (with a helmet supplied) will set a visitor back about 2-3 AUD.

The first Vietnamese food he told was “pho” with a steaming, hot, delicious bowl costing about 2.5 AUD in Hanoi. He also mentioned “banh mi” (bread) in Vietnamese, saying that there are hundreds of “banh mi” shops around the city.

About accommodation, he said visitors don’t have to spend much to live like a King or Queen in Vietnam. A night at a five-star hotel in Hanoi only asks for about 160 AUD, including breakfast. Cheaper choices are also available at 29 AUD per night.

It isn’t a trip to Southeast Asia without a pampering session. Facials, pedicures, massages, and cut-throat shaves are all part of the experience. A two-hour spa package in Hanoi charges 70 AUD which includes a herbal foot soaking, manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, and sauna experience. For the blokes, a basic haircut, wash, cutthroat, local beer and head and shoulders massage will demand some 28 AUD./.