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Australian-funded initiative aims to eliminate violence against women, children

The Australian Government will sponsor 9.5 million AUD (7.34 million USD) for a four-year initiative with the Vietnamese relevant agencies and the United Nations which aims to support women and children who are victims of violence.

The information was revealed by Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Robyn Mudie during a conference held on May 24 to review a project entitled “Supporting interventions to eliminate violence against women and children in Vietnam under COVID-19” funded by the Government of Australia in the 2020-21, and sign a new initiative on the elimination of violence against women and children in Vietnam for the next four years.

“Over the last 12 months, all countries have learnt that a comprehensive response to the pandemic means responding to the challenges faced by women and children, and working to ensure their safety,” the ambassador said at the event.

She added that over the next four years, the programme will increase prevention strategies and response efforts to end violence against women and children.

“We hope that this long-term, practical approach will make a difference where it matters most, and that women and children will be able to seek and receive help when they need it,” Mudie noted.

The initiative will be carried out from June until July 2025. It strives to have all women and children in Vietnam, including the vulnerable, lead a life without violence, through a number of intensive prevention strategies and multi-sectoral countermeasures.

For her part, UN Population Fund (UNFPA) Representative in Vietnam Naomi Kitahara said the programme showed a partnership between the Governments of Vietnam and Australia and UN bodies in addressing violence against women and children in Vietnam, which must be a top priority of all./.