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ASEAN – China Young Leaders’ Summit 2021

The ASEAN-China Young Leaders’ Summit 2021 has been held by the ASEAN Foundation, in collaboration with the Institute of Area Studies at Beijing University, with the support of the Chinese Mission to ASEAN and ASEAN-China Cooperation Fund (ACCF).

The online event aimed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the ASEAN-China dialogue and to look forward to the future prospects of the China-ASEAN strategic partnership. It brought together 143 students from 10 ASEAN member countries and China to participate in authentic meeting simulations of ASEAN +1.

It was initiated as an immersive platform for youth in ASEAN and China to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of ASEAN-China relations, and to improve their future-ready skills and expand their network beyond their country borders.

Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation Yang Mee Eng highlighted that the event is the joint effort of both sides to make preparations for their youth to be ready to explore opportunities and cope with challenges brought by the fourth industrial revolution.

Chinese Ambassador to ASEAN Deng Xijun expressed his hope that more young people from both sides will actively participate in building the China-ASEAN community of destiny, injecting youthful vitality to promote quality and upgrade cooperation, and contributing youthful wisdom to promote people-to-people togetherness./.