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Art programme promotes the spirit of frontline workers and people in COVID-19 fight

An online art programme “Fatherland in the heart” was held on July 28 evening at five locations at home and abroad to improve the people’s cultural life in the context that the COVID-19 pandemic has been complicated in Vietnam.

The programme, which is organised by the Department of Performing Art under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, aimed at encouraging people to join hands with the entire Party, people and army in the fight against the pandemic

The event was streamed live on Youtube channel and on fanpages of the department, National Music Song and Dance Theatre and other online interfaces with the participants of renown singers across the country.

All the songs and music performed in the programme are famous works that expressed love for the homeland such as “Tieng goi Viet Nam” (The Call of Vietnam) or “Nhung bong hoa trong vuon Bac" (Flowers in Uncle Ho's garden) “Tinh que huong" (Love of the Motherland).

According to Nguyen Hai Linh, director of National Music Song and Dance Theatre, this is a very special art show, because it takes place during the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, there is no stage to perform and no studio to record songs.

“Each singer and artist participating in the programme prepares their songs and music in advance. Then they will sing and play live,” she said, adding that at each location, artists share and exchange their feelings as well as sing songs and music that they have performed very successfully,

“When invited to participate in the programme, all the artists are very excited because they have not performed for a long time. This show will help the artists bring their talents to serve the audience”, Linh said.

Le Minh Tuan,  Deputy Director of the Department of Performing Arts, said amid the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists have taken part in charity activities to support the fight against the pandemic and supporting residents.

The department has been assigned to organise the art programme to encourage the spirit of the frontline workers and the people of the country to shore up the determination to combat the pandemic, he said.

The songs and music in the online art programme show the love for the country, promoting the strength of solidarity to overcome all difficulties. Through the sharing of artists showed the joint effort and consensus of the Vietnamese people to win the COVID-19 pandemic./.