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Archaeological traces affirm existence of early humans in Tuyen Quang

Nearly 30 stone-age archaeological relics and thousands of precious artifacts have been unearthed in Tuyen Quang, helping affirm that the northern mountainous province is one of the residential areas of primitive humans.

Associate Professor, Doctor Trinh Nang Chung from the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)'s Institute of Archaeology, the important historical findings have helped historians reconstruct the life and culture of prehistoric people in Tuyen Quang.

Archaeologists have discovered many labour tools of the ancients dating back about 20,000 years along the Co, Lo and Gam rivers, mainly in two relic sites - Thuong Temple hill in Chiem Hoa district, and Goc Heo in Ham Yen district.

Chung said there are certainly many archaeological traces of prehistoric people along the Lo and Gam rivers.

The discovery of traces of the primitive period dating back 20,000 years marks the earliest presence of humans in Tuyen Quang as well as in Vietnam, contributing to the study of the nation’s formation and development, he stressed./.