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Ambassador discusses coordination of UNSC, UN General Assembly

Head of Vietnam’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations (UN), Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy on January 17 met President of the UN General Assembly’s 74th session Tijiani Muhammad-Bande to discuss improving the efficiency of the UN’s operations.

As President of the UN Security Council (UNSC) for January 2020, Ambassador Quy informed Muhammad-Bande about the UNSC’s agenda during the month.

He emphasised that the UNSC members had reached high consensus on important issues such as adopting the Resolution on cross-border humanitarian assistance mechanism for Syria, the Resolution on extending the mandate of the UN mission in Yemen, and successfully holding an open debate on upholding the UN Charter to maintain international peace and security along with a plan to hold a discussion between the UN and ASEAN in the field.

He thanked the UNSC President and UN member states for their support for the UNSC’s activities, and expressed the UNSC’s readiness to fulfill the role of maintaining international peace and security.

Bande, for his part, updated Quy about his priorities during the 74th session. He suggested enhancing ties between the UNSC and the UN General Assembly during the month Vietnam holds UNSC presidency, as well as during the UN General Assembly’s 74th session.