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All Vietnamese equal to access modern education: new scheme

All Vietnamese people will have equal opportunities to access an open, diverse, flexible and modern education system by 2030, thus contributing to promoting the development of human resources, especially high-quality ones, to meet the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and international integration.

The goal is set in the project “Building a society of learning in the 2021-2030 period” recently approved by the Prime Minister.
The project sets targets of 90 percent of provinces to achieve the literacy standards at Level 2, 100 percent to complete preschool education universalisation for preschool children, and 70 percent to meet the standard of universal primary education at Level 3 by 2030.

It also strives for 70 percent of people in the working age to be equipped with information capacity and living skills, 60 percent aged from 15 trained in technical and professional qualifications, and 15 percent having a university degree or higher.

In order to achieve the above goals, the project offers a number of tasks and solutions such as disseminating and raising awareness about building a learning society, completing relevant mechanisms and policies, promoting the implementation of digital transformation and application of information technology in the organisation of lifelong learning activities.

It is necessary to promote activities of the community learning centre, launch movements and campaigns to promote life-long learning, and strengthen international cooperation in the field of life-long learning, build a society of learning and developing open and distance learning technology, according to the scheme./.