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African swine fever keeps spreading

The reason is local authorities have yet managed effectively the transport, purchase, and slaughter of pigs in affected areas.

By June 3 noon, six outbreaks were found in Chau Thoi, Chau Hung A and Long Thanh communes, in Vinh Loi district, and 387 pigs were culled.

Meanwhile, in central Nghe An province, the disease struck 272 breeding households in 66 communes and 1,598 pigs were culled.

In the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum, efforts are being made to stamp out the disease since it has been detected in the bordering district of Ia H’Drai in late May.

Ia H’Drai district was asked to intensify the monitoring of slaughtering activities in areas with infected pigs as well as the purchase and transport of animals and animal products in and out the locality.

Some 72 infected pigs in the district were killed.