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A unique hotel in the heart of Hanoi

With a design showing a luxurious contemporary classic style, 6-star Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel is considered to be an architectural masterpiece in the heart of the capital city of Hanoi.

Located on Giang Vo Street in Ba Dinh district, one of the bustling areas of the city, the property is positioned on an area of 2,237 sq.m with four basements and 25 floors.

The hotel was put into operation in July last year after one year of construction with a total investment of more than 100 million USD funded by Hoa Binh Co. Ltd.

The building is designed with a reinforced concrete structure, with a thickness of 250 mm and 350 mm thick wall. It can withstand earthquakes of the eighth grade.

The construction materials for the hotel are selected by the investor to be in line with the criteria of environmental friendliness and energy saving and are rated as having the same durability as famous works in the world.

In particular, some interior decoration materials of the hotel are made at the investor's gold-plated technology factory located in Bac Ninh province under the guidance of experts from Japan, Germany and Russia.

The hotel consists of 353 rooms, including 11 presidential ones that meet 6-star standards. Its interior, exterior and sanitary equipment are covered with 24 karat gold.

It also has a four-season infinity pool plated with gold which is located on the roof with an area of 225 sq.m. The hotel is billed as the first in the world to be golden both inside and outside.

From the 1st to 4th floors of the hotel are luxurious European and Asian restaurants offering many unique and attractive dishes for domestic and international tourists. Rooms for conferences and seminars, and space for events are invested and decorated in a modern, polite, and romantic manner.

In addition to offering accommodation services, organisation of events and conferences, the hotel is also open to welcome visitors. People can sign up for tours to enjoy specialties from all over the country as well as unique and attractive cuisines in the world, with professional and famous chefs and professional staff.

With a unique design, last year, the World Records Union awarded a world record to the Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake for the hotel covered with gilded ceramic tiles and the world’s largest number of golden interior appliances, food and drinks./.