Tuan told a press conference in Hanoi on May 20 that the meeting is expected to debate and approve five draft laws and three draft resolutions, and look into six other bills.

The drafts laws to be adopted are the Law on Mobile Police, the revised Law on Cinematography, the Law on Insurance Business (amended), the Law on Emulation and Reward (amended), and the law amending articles of the Law on Intellectual Property.

The draft laws to be tabled for discussions are the Oil and Gas Law (amended), the Law on Domestic Prevention and Control (amended), the Law on Inspection (amended), the Law on the Implementation of Democracy at Grassroots Levels, the law amending and supplementing articles of the Law on Radio Frequencies, and the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment (amended).

Legislators will also spend time discussing socio-economic issues, the State budget and supervision, among others, including the NA’s supervision over the enforcement of policies and laws on planning since the Planning Law took effect.

The question and answer session will last for two and a half days, said NA Secretary General and Chairman of the NA Office Bui Van Cuong, adding that Deputy Prime Ministers, ministers and head of agencies will take the floor./.