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The Vietnam-US Society

The Vietnam-US Society was established on October 17, 1945 and it is the first bilateral friendship association in Vietnam founded by President Ho Chi Minh. For over 68 years, the society has made great contributions to promoting friendship between the two nations through people-to-people diplomatic activities.
According to Bui Van Nghi – General Secretary of the Vietnam-US Society , the society is an active member of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO). The society has established a partnership relationship with 300 organisations and thousands of private organisations in the US and foreign countries. Over the years, it has given top priority to major activities on promoting and establishing cooperation of mutual benefits in economics through people-to-people exchange; organising working visits to the US for Vietnamese enterprises, educational and social organisations; providing information about the situation of each country and the bilateral relations to increase the mutual understanding between the two nations’ people; building and developing the network of friends and partners, including the Vietnamese community in the US; regularly organising workshops and talks and meetings on the occasion of special ceremonies of each country. The society has also conducted surveys and proposed measures to further boost the bilateral relations and had activities on mobilisation through the people-to-people diplomatic activities to help solving the current issues and minimizing differences that hinder Vietnam-US relations’ development.  

The delegation of American war veterans who participated in the war in Vietnam help Vietnam
 find the place where there are Vietnamese soldiers’ remains at Phuoc Tuong Pass in Hue.

Information of the place where there are Vietnamese soldiers’ remains at Phuoc Tuong Pass, Hue in the files of American war veterans.

The delegation of veterans of foreign wars of the US (VFW) during a trip to search
for American soldiers’ remains in Kham Duc, Quang Ngai Province.

The Vietnamese side helps the delegation of VFW search for US war veteran’s remains in Vietnam.

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) delegation presents war keepsacks to the Policy Department of the Ministry of Defence of Vietnam.

The society has made great efforts to call upon the American people to pay more attention to the settlement of the war and agent orange/dioxin aftermaths and help war victims in Vietnam and provide international friends with information that help them understand more about Vietnam’s consistent policy on the East Sea issue, human rights, religion freedom and relations with the US. 

    Through the Vietnam-US Society, the American War Veterans Association has so far provided Vietnam with about 300 files related to 10,000 Vietnamese soldiers who died and went missing during the war and helped Vietnam search for and collect about 1,0000 martyrs.

Recently, to further promote the Vietnam-US relationship, the society and the Vietnam War Veterans Association gave an initiative to organise the Vietnam-US war veteran enterprise forum in the third quarter in 2014.

With its practical activities, the society  has made important contributions to boosting mutual understanding and friendship cooperation between the two countries’ people in the future.

Story: Vinh Hung, Trinh Van Bo - Photo: The Vietnam-US Soceity’s files