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Thanh Ha sprouts

Thanh Ha agricultural cooperative in Hanoi has affirmed its brand name of Vinasafl in the market with safe vegetable products, including sprouts.
Located in Ninh So commune, Thuong Tin district, the model of farming sprouts was invested in and implemented by Bui Thi Thanh Ha, founder of the cooperative. As an agricultural engineer returning to her hometown, Ha saw the large area of abandoned agricultural land in Thuong Tin. She started the project of growing clean vegetable to supply the market.

Thanh Ha agricultural cooperative was established on a 1.2ha farm to grow vegetables using high technology. In the beginning, Ha faced many difficulties. She and her husband had to borrow money from relatives and friends to run the project. The cooperative has successfully applied advanced technology, including net-houses, greenhouses, automatic irrigation systems, and a climate sensor in cultivating. The technology has helped ensure the quality and yield of vegetables without weather influences. 

Thanh Ha cooperative was established in 2013 to grow vegetables. 

Preparing soil for growing sprouts.

Harvesting vegetables at the farm.

Processing sprouts from soya bean. 

Sprouts packaging machine.  

Checking sprouts before harvesting.

The cooperative follows strictly phases in production, ensuring quality of sprouts. 

Harvesting and packing sprouts. 

Baby-leaves at the farm. 

Baby-leaves are labelled 4-star OCOP.

Sprouts of Thanh Ha cooperative are 
favored by customers. 

The cooperative now has a 1.5ha farm for growing high-technology vegetables with 8,000m2 of an agricultural membrane house with an automatic irrigation system, two cold storages and an area for processing vegetables which is worth about 5 billion dong (220,000 US dollars).

Beside sprouts, Thanh Ha cooperative produces other varieties of vegetables such as cai ngot (Brassica integrifolia), bok choy, mustard leaves, water spinach, Malabar spinach and rau den (Amaranthus). Ha has developed a specific product of baby leaves and the cooperative is the only supplier of baby leaves for Hanoi at a price of 55,000 dong (2 US dollars)/kg.
On average, Thanh Ha agricultural cooperative supplies 150-200kg of vegetables a day to markets and safety food marts in Hanoi and neighboring provinces.

It now has 15 types of vegetables recognized as four-star OCOP (One commune, one product) products. 

Thanh Ha agricultural cooperative was granted VietGAP certification. It now has 15 types of vegetables recognized as four-star OCOP (One commune, one product) products. The cooperative was also honored with “the 2016 Vietnam Golden Agricultural Brand” award from the General Association of Agriculture and Rural Development.

By Thanh Giang & Cong Dat        Translated by Nguyen Tuoi

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