Supporting industries to meet 70% of production demands by 2030

The government has just issued Resolution No. 115 / NQ-CP for solutions to promote the development of supporting industries.
It is hoped that by 2030, supporting industry products will meet 70% of the demand for domestic production and consumption. This will account for 14% of industrial production value and  there are also about 2,000 enterprises capable of supplying directly to assembling lines and multinational corporations in Vietnam.

The specific objective for development in the field of spare parts is that by the end of 2025, metal, plastic, rubber and electronic components and spare parts production will supply 45% of the products and spare parts demand for industries in Vietnam. By 2030, the figure is 65% of the domestic demand, boosting production in fields serving high-tech industries.

The plan for supporting industries for textile and footwear is to develop materials and auxiliary materials by 2025. The domestic supply rate of the textile industry will be 65%, that of the footwear industry will be 75-80%, with highly added value products for export serving production.

The supporting industries serving high-tech industries set goals to develop materials production, specialized supporting equipment, software and services serving high-tech industries, to develop enterprise systems that provide specialized support equipment, and to support technology transfer in the high-tech industry.

Assembling cars at Huyndai Thanh Cong Automobile Factory (Ninh Binh). Photo: VNP

The Vespa spare parts production line in Vinh Phuc. Photo: VNP

Assembling and aligning rim details at the Huyndai automobile assembly factory in Ninh Binh. Photo: VNP

Quality inspection of Vespa vehicles before discharging them from the factory in Vinh Phuc. Photo: VNP

A yarn production line in Nam Dinh. Photo: VNP

Adjusting Vespa vehicle frames in Vinh Phuc. Photo: VNP

The Manh Quang bicycle spare parts production line in Hanoi. Photo: VNP

Checking the quality of Manh Quang bicycle spare parts before discharging them from the factory. Photo: VNP

The specific solutions are, perfecting mechanisms and policies:, developing, completing, and implementing effectively and synchronously specific mechanisms and policies to develop supporting industries and processing industries, focusing on manufacturing for development.

Efficiently ensure and mobilize resources for the development of supporting industries. Effectively arrange, secure, and mobilize resources to implement policies on investment for the development of supporting industries and processing industries, focusing on manufacturing for development.

Solutions for finance and credit are to continue to implement preferential interest rate policies for supporting and processing industry enterprises, focusing on manufacturing for development with priority given to short-term loans from credit institutions;

The domestic value chain development is to create opportunities to form and develop domestic value chains by attracting effective investment and promoting business connections and links between Vietnamese enterprises and multi-national enterprises as well as domestic and foreign production and assembling companies.

Market development and protection are to promote the development of domestic and foreign markets to facilitate the development of supporting and processing industries and focus on manufacturing for development.

Capacity building for supporting industry enterprises includes effectively building and operating technical centers to support regional and local industrial development from mid-term central and local investment capital based on demands, development objectives, and available resources to promote supporting industries and processing industries.

Regarding information, communication, statistics, and database the focus will be to develop and complete the statistical system and database of supporting industries and processing and manufacturing industries to promote the connection between Vietnamese suppliers and multinational corporations. To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of state management and building policies on supporting industries and improving the quality of statistics so as to ensure timely, complete and accurate information./.

Story: Cong Dat   Photos: VNP