Outstanding Cooperatives in Managing Food Quality & Safety

In the first six months of 2022, the Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development had positive achievements in managing food quality and safety for agroforestry-fishery products and improving the value of the supply chain of agricultural products for the people.

Among them are two cooperatives that meet food safety standards and apply management technology from Japan. These include Cuoi Quy safe vegetable cooperative (Dan Phuong, Hanoi) and Dai Ang high-tech aquatic cooperative (Thanh Tri, Hanoi).

Cuoi Quy Clean Vegetable Cooperative

Cuoi Quy clean vegetable cooperative in Dan Phuong on the outskirts of Hanoi has proved the safety of their vegetables with customers. The owner of the cooperative, Ms. Dang Thi Cuoi, affirmed that she guaranteed these products based on her own health.

Cuoi worked at an organic vegetable farm in Taiwan. She said that besides the high yield, the cleanliness is a top priority. Water is filtered before irrigating. She spent 16 years learning the technology and getting the experience of growing clean vegetables in Taiwan. Cuoi also took her husband, Nguyen Dang Quy to Taiwan.


Cuoi Quy cooperative receives certificates for its safe vegetables.
Dang Thi Cuoi is tending vegetables in net houses.
Cuoi Quy cooperative provides jobs to tens of local laborers.
Cuoi Quy clean vegetables. 

Established in 2017, the farm of Cuoi Quy cooperative now covers over 15ha which was designed with modern ventilation, air drainage and irrigation systems. The cooperative now supplies clean food for 16 kindergartens and three clean vegetable shops in the capital.

On average, each address will receive vegetables 1-2 times a week and each time about 200-300kg of vegetables.

Cuoi does not use chemicals on her crops. She uses the advantages of organic fertilizers and probiotics. She mixes probiotics with sugar, milo milk and incubates them for a certain time, then they are filtered and sprayed. She persisted with the unique farming ways without herbicide spraying, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, stimulating growth or genetic modification to protect the environment.

Dai Ang High-tech Aquatic Cooperative

Covering over 15ha, Dai Ang aquatic high-tech cooperative in Thanh Tri, Hanoi uses the fish farming model of a "River in a pond" technology with 15 tanks.

Director of Dai Ang aquatic high-tech cooperative Nguyen Van Thiem said that the ponds are equipped with aerators, waste suction machines, water systems, wastewater treatment and oxidation. Thereby the fish grow and develop well, bringing high economic efficiency. The average yield is about 1,000tons of fish/year, profiting more than seven billion dong that is 1.8 times higher than those doing traditional fish farming.

Dai Ang aquatic cooperative covers more than 15ha.
Processing aquatic products at the cooperative. 
Dai Ang aquatic cooperative has seven members and 30 affiliated households.
Outstanding products from the cooperative.

The Dai Ang aquatic high-tech cooperative was officially opened in 2018 with seven members and 30 affiliated households. It specializes in farming traditional species of tilapia, rohu and carp. The cooperative provides stable jobs to 20 permanent workers and nearly 70 seasonal laborers with incomes of seven – eight million dong/month. 

The capital continues to build and develop 159 food safety linkages from production to consumption, including 47 animal production chains, 6 aquatic production chains, 106 plant production chains. This is an increase of 18 chains compared to the same period in 2021.


Story: THAO VY Photos: PHAM THAI SON Translated by NGUYEN TUOI

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