Helping businesses export agricultural products to China

The new conference "Adapting to new food safety regulations, registering enterprises to export to the Chinese market" was co-organized by The Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Vietnam Sanitary and Phytosanitary Notification Authority and Enquiry Point (SPS Vietnam Office, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) and the Agricultural Trade Promotion Center (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development).
China is a potential and important market, especially for Vietnamese agricultural products and food. In recent years, China has increased its demand for imports of high-quality agricultural products. This conference aimed to provide the latest updated information and regulations related to the above fields so that businesses in Hanoi and neighboring provinces can promptly change to minimize risks and facilitate the export of goods to China.

Hanoi is promoting concentrated agricultural production areas to create a source of raw materials with large output to serve domestic consumption and export. Hanoi has evaluated and ranked more than 1,000 OCOP products, of which a number of Hanoi's key and high-quality agricultural products have been exported to other countries including China.

The conference called "Adapting to new regulations on food safety,
registering export enterprises into the Chinese market” was held both online and in-person. 

The conference aimed to help businesses and exporters of agricultural products and food products
to the Chinese market get the latest information and regulations on food safety, and register their export enterprises to China. 

Le Thanh Hoa, director of the SPS Vietnam Office speaks at the conference. 

Nguyen Ngoc Son, Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Agriculture
and Rural Development delivers a welcoming speech.

Experts from the SPS Vietnam Office provide market information.

Export enterprises are provided with a lot of useful information at the conference.

Experts answer questions and give recommendations.

New regulations on food safety and registration of enterprises to export
to the Chinese market have been given to many businesses in Hanoi and other provinces and cities.

Stalls displaying agricultural products in the conference area.

At the conference, experts from the SPS Vietnam Office introduced China’s market information and regulations on food safety and the import control process of agricultural products and food.

In addition, the conference provided a lot of useful and specific information on registration in fresh fruit packing facilities, plant quarantine and safety of export plant products, things to note when exporting goods to the Chinese market, stipulating labels and packaging of agricultural and food products.

The experts also answered specific questions from businesses and received proposals from business representatives on issues related to promoting the export of agricultural products and food.

At the conference, representatives of the organizers pledged to continue providing information on the market and regulations on imported agricultural products and food from China and other regions to promote the production, consumption and export of agricultural products of Hanoi and other provinces and cities./.

By Viet Cuong