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Third East-West Economic Corridor seeks solutions for development

Hanoi, May 20 (VNA) – The third East-West Economic Corridor Conference took place in Bangkok, Thailand on May 20, focusing on promoting the effective development of the region.

The deputy foreign minister-level conference passed a joint statement hailing the achievements made so far, especially in improving infrastructure along the corridor and completing a legal framework for trans-border transport.

It also appreciated Myanmar’s efforts to integrate by upgrading its domestic roads to connect with the road network in the corridor.

Countries agreed to soon hold a meeting among Laos, Thailand and Vietnam experts according to the memorandum of understanding on Initial Implementation of t he Cross - Border Transport Agreement (II CBTA ).

The delegates agreed to add road No 12 to the CBTA and set up a fixed bus route between the three countries as well as seek funds for road accidents and maintenance.

The conference called for increasing investment, industrial and service activities along the corridor to create economic and social benefits for transit countries.

The participating nations called on the Asian Development Bank to help develop residential areas along the corridor and its extended roads.

The next conference will be held in Myanmar.