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Sovereignty marker – pride of residents in Pirate Islands

Kien Giang, April 4 (VNA) – Tien Hai commune of Ha Tien township, the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang, is famous for not only the Hai Tac (Pirate) archipelago but also a sovereignty marker which is the pride of local residents.

Tien Hai, about 30km away from the centre of Ha Tien township, comprises 16 islands of all sizes. According to historical documents, this group of islands bears the name Hai Tac since pirates often chose this place to launch attacks on ships.

Tien Hai Island also houses a sovereignty marker with the words “Quan dao Hai Tac” (Pirate Archipelago) engraved. The stele, which faces westwards and marks Vietnam’s sovereignty along the sea border with Cambodia, also includes the island’s coordinates and the names of islands in Hai Tac Archipelago.

The last words on the stele read that: “Inspection and research military officers visited the archipelago on July 28, 1958.”

Chairman of the Tien Hai communal People’s Committee Tang Hong Phuoc said the marker is a source of pride for islanders, who protect the marker as if protecting the Fatherland’s sacred land.

The sovereignty marker and old stories have become a draw for tourists to Tien Hai, he said. The commune will work hard to tap into this tourism potential.

Tien Hai has gained a facelift in recent years with schools, clinics, post offices, roads and many other facilities built.

The commune caught and farmed more than 4,000 tonnes of aquatic products worth more than 90 billion VND (3.9 trillion USD) in 2016. Meanwhile, it welcomed more than 70,000 visitors and earned about 16 billion VND (over 703,800 USD) in tourism revenue.