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Saigon Wool Carpets

Saigon Woollen Carpet Private Enterprise (SAGOCA) is one of the country’s leading units which specialise in designing and manufacturing wool carpets of different kinds. The company’s products are highly appreciated by both domestic and foreign customers.
SAGOCA was established in 1992 with the aim of producing and trading decorative carpets which are made  from environmentally friendly materials. To meet the increasing demand of customers, the company invested in expanding production and quickly  conquered the domestic market with its high-class art carpets which are embellished with both traditional cultural and artistic features.

Apart from materials available in the country such as silk, cotton and jute, SAGOCA also imports fleece from New Zealand and Australia which make the decorative carpets keep warmth in the winter and cool in summer. Furthermore, the company has continually improved the quality and created unique products which are diverse in styles, colours, sizes and Vietnamese cultural patterns of 12 animal designations, bronze drums and  wood veins. Each product shows a delicate layout with softness and liberality.

SAGOCA’s wool carpets are smooth and beautiful hand-crafted products. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

To weave beautiful carpets, the artisans must careful in every stage.

Clipping off above-rising tufts to smooth the carpet.

Colourful wool for carpet making. Photo: Dang Kim Phuong/VNP

SAGOCA produces different types of wool carpets.

Mai Dinh Kiem, SAGOCA’s Director, introduces his company’s products  which are made from natural
and environmentally friendly materials.

In 2015, SAGOCA produced totally 10,000m2 of carpet, 20% of which (2,000m2)  is exported. 

(Mai Dinh Kiem – SAGOCA’s Director)
All stages of making carpets require the employees’ strict observation. To make a 1m2 wool carpet, it takes an employee nearly one month of hard work. The stage of dying the material needs  a closed process. To create a standard colour, the company’s technicians often design and dye 5-7 samples in order to compare and choose the best one. However, weaving the carpet takes the longest time in production. All help the company’s products meet standards of quality, such as softness, durability, bright colour, not softened or crumbled, anti-static, noise reduction and sound proof.  Thanks to the protein in natural yarns, the products are fire-proof.

The company’s products help customers bring luxury to their space which shows the harmony with high-grade furniture so they are in high demand not only in the domestic market but also in many foreign countries like Russia, France, Germany, the US and Hungary.

For their great efforts, the company has been awarded many medals and prizes.

The largest colourful portrait carpet of  former President Ton Duc Thang is made
from  fleece and  cotton yarn by SAGOCA.

Mai Dinh Kiem, SAGOCA’s Director, introduces a traditional wool carpet
with the image of four dragons flanking the moon.

A wool carpet with details of bronze drum.

SAGOCA’s carpet reflects the skilfulness  and creativeness of carpet makers.

A wool carpet produced by SAGOCA.

A modern styled wool carpet.

SAGOCA’s wool carpets imbued with Vietnamese traditional cultural features sastify domestic and foreign customers.
Story: Nguyen Vu Thanh Dat - Photos: Dang Kim Phuong