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Party chief visits specially disadvantaged commune in Gia Lai

The commune, 14 kilometres from the centre of Chu Se district, has an area of over 5,000 hectares and 3,650 people, with most of them being ethnic minorities. 

Thanks to numerous infrastructure development and poverty reduction programmes implemented in recent time, the commune has had 12 kilometres of concrete roads and three schools. Over 98 percent of the local households gain access to electricity. 

However, the local income per capita stands at 7.8 million VND per year, much lower than the provincial and national averages. Poor and near-poor households account for 88 percent of the total polulation. 

The Party Chief hailed the efforts made by the local authorities and people over the past time and urged them to restructure their crops and livestock breeding while focusing on improving the people’s knowledge and training personnel. 

He agreed with the commune’s proposals to reduce poverty, including construction of Plei Keo irrigational work, which is expected to supply water for 500 hectares of crops. 

He requested relevant bodies to accelerate the project implementation to facilitate Ayun’s development.