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Old Roses Become Premier

In recent years, farmers in Van Giang district of Hung Yen province, 25km from Hanoi have planted roses of different varieties from Great Britain, France and Thailand and Vietnam’s old breeds from various localities such as Sapa, Hai Phong, Van Khoi, bushy roses from Son La, and velvety and while roses from
Nam Dinh. These varieties of roses are suitable to the climate and soil of the region so they have a high economic value.

Nguyen Thanh Trien, Ngat Trien old rose garden owner and one of the first old rose growers in Phung Cong commune, Van Giang district, said: “I started propagating different local old breeds in 1994 and realised after four years that planting old roses is an efficient and sustainable way to get rich”.

In an area of more than 4,000m2, he sows seeds and plants roses of domestic old varieties from Sapa, Hai Phong, Van Khoi, Son La and Nam Dinh as well as of foreign origins from Great Britain, France and Thailand. There are now more than 3,000 plants in his garden. According to Trien, Sapa old roses are the most liked flowers in the market for their haughty and elegant beauty, sweet scent and especially their blossoming time from the tenth moon to the fourth moon. They are roses of a rare species with flowers blossoming all year round, with broad shades and big petals of the largest one that are rice bowl size. Sapa old roses grow strongly and are resistant to diseases. He revealed, “Roses of this variety have strong vitality provided that they are planted in well drained places. They are suitable for different terrains and climates and can stand a temperature of 150C below zero.

Old roses planted in greenhouses in Phung Cong and Xuan Quan communes, Van Giang district,
Hung Yen province, are easily planted and tended, which have a high economic value. 

Sapa old roses grow well greenhouses in Van Giang district as
they are suitable to the climatic and soil conditions of the delta region.

Sapa old roses originate from Europe, which were brought to Vietnam by the French to plant in Sapa..

Flower growers pinching off tree tops after they are fully blossomed for nutrients to nurture new buds.

Sapa rose bushes blossom all year round, are shady, bear many buds and flowers which may blossom to rice bowl size.

Sapa roses are much liked by customers for their haughty and noble beauty and sustainability.

Flower lovers from different localities come to big flower barns like Phung Cong and Xuan Quan
  to visit and find for themselves ancient rose stocks.

Foreign roses planted in Van Giang district give high economic value to growers.

Sapa old roses originate from Europe, which were brought to Vietnam by the French decades ago. They belong to the rose family with green leaves, lotus- red flowers and many thorns.
Besides Sapa old roses, Van Khoi old roses are also “much hunted” flowers. They are also referred to as “hoa hong cung phu” (royal garden roses) with twisted vines and big petals, a light pink color and mild scent. It is for these features that Van Khoi roses were formerly planted in gardens of noble people, royal palaces or lords’ gardens. At present, with diverse needs, customers not only select Sapa old roses but also love the Van Khoi rose.

According to Trien, the planting and tending of the old varieties do not require sophisticated techniques. When the main buds of rose bushes reach a height of about 20- 25cm, the bud tops will be pinched off and only those on four to five main branches are left intact for branching out to create a principal plant frame. The growers only need to fertilize rose trees once a month and spray insecticides when they are infected with red spiders or spotted leaf disease. Roses hate a hot sun but like airy places and evenly distributed sunlight.

Old velvety roses of Vietnam.
Sapa old roses prior to full blossoming.

The resplendent and elegant beauty of Sapa roses at the time of full blossoming.

Sapa old roses are much liked not only for their haughty and elegant beauty
but also for their strong vitality and disease resistance.

Mary rose with its distinctive scent of honey.

Pink roses.

Sapa roses with flowers in a classic arch form and mild scent.

Old roses of different types and foreign roses are being planted in gardens in Van Giang township.  

With large revenue from rose planting and high value of roses  for pharmaceutical use (white roses are used for production of cough syrups for children) or cosmetics (perfume production), rose planting constitutes a potential “gold mine” for Xuan Quan and Phung Cong inhabitants.
Story: Thuc Hien - Photos: Cong Dat