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Offices make effort to reduce use of plastic bottles

Plastic waste, especially single use plastic bottles is a concern for many countries, including Vietnam. Statistics show production volume of single use plastic bottles reaches 56 million tonnes a year, accounting for 14 percent of the world’s waste.

To limit the use of plastic bottles, many working places in Vietnam have replaced plastic bottles with glass ones.
Da Nang City Administration Centre has more than 2,000 staff. Everyday, the centre provides services for thousands of visitors and hold various meetings

Since April 2019, the People’s Committee of Da Nang city replaced all single use plastic water bottles with glass ones at all meetings and events.

The initiative has received a warm response and it also helped the 37-story building to limit a huge volume of single use plastic waste.

Many people said that more effective measures should be introduced to expand the use of glass bottles.

Introducing glass bottles to working places is a great effort by office staff. However, in order to carry out the initiative effectively, more suitable and effective measures should be introduced as well as public awareness should be increased./.