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Noi Bai Airport strengthens customs checks before Tet

Hanoi, January 14 (VNA) – Customs officials at Noi Bai International Airport are strengthening inspections of passengers, luggage and cargo from all flights arriving at the airport.

These inspections are especially meant for those passengers arriving from Europe and some regional countries such as Singapore and the Republic of Korea, and aim to prevent smuggling and illegal transport of goods before the lunar New Year Festival.

Experienced security forces would be sent to crack down on illegal transport of goods, money, gold, silver and banned goods and high-valued goods such as imported cigarettes, alcohol, mobile phones, drugs, and products made from wild animals. The focus would be on key flights from Europe, the Republic of Korea and Singapore.

Passengers who use tourist visas to get in and out numerous times in a month and aviation staff from Japan, African countries would be monitored.

Figures from the Customs Branch at Noi Bai International Airport showed that the unit has detected roughly 200 cases of violations in this year. Of these, 24 cases were of smuggling and two cases were of drug trafficking.