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No new cases of H5N1 bird flu in humans reported since 2014

Vietnam had reported no new human cases of avian influenza A/H5N1 and the country had successfully controlled outbreaks of the H5N1 strain over the past five years, an official said.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien said the country had also coordinated with domestic and international organisations by sharing information and implementing measures to cope with A/H7N9.

At a meeting between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention of the US (CDC) in Hanoi on December 11, he said the CDC had offered effective support for Vietnam’s animal health sector in combating diseases.

The MARD pledged to effectively implement programmes supported by the CDC and hoped the organisation would continue to share information to assist the country in vaccine production and research, he said.

The CDC said it valued the initiative taken by the animal health sector in Vietnam to control diseases. The agency said that it would extend its support in sharing its monitoring and disease control toolkit as well as dispatch experts to help Vietnam better control influenza and rabies.

John Blandford, country director of the CDC, said the CDC had used a bird flu isolated in Vietnam to standardize production of the Navet-vifluvac vaccine.

The CDC had also agreed to transfer advanced techniques and technologies for bird flu and rabies vaccine production in Vietnam, he said.

The CDC helped Vietnam carry out the "Studies at the Animal-Human Interface of Influenza and Other Zoonotic Diseases" project from 2012-17 with total investment of over 2.3 million USD.

The Department of Animal Health under MARD was the main recipient along with research partners including the National Centre for Veterinary Diagnosis.

Under the project, thousands of samples were collected from poultry, pigs and humans in 12 provinces each year.

The project aimed to strengthen the capacity of the animal health and public health sectors to design, conduct, analyse and describe the results of local, regional and national surveillance and research studies.

The results of the tests have helped authorities understand and apply control and intervention measures for influenza and other zoonotic diseases.

The CDC is also sponsoring continuation of the project between 2017-2022 with 2 million USD investment. It targets different types of bird flu including H5N1, H5N6 and H7N9 at live poultry markets and smuggling/culling points in 10 selected provinces and cities.-