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No motorbikes in inner Hanoi by 2030

Hanoi, July 5 (VNA) - The Hanoi People’s Council has voted overwhelmingly to limit the use of personal vehicles in the inner city by 2030 to ease traffic jams. 

“Some 70 percent of traffic accidents are related to motorbikes, which proves that motorbike drivers are those at the highest risk of road accidents,” said deputy Nguyen Tien Minh. 

Vu Van Vien, Director of the city’s Department of Transport, said the department would take into consideration all the opinions voiced by members of the People’s Council to improve the proposal. 

The proposal sets out three phases. During the first phase (2017-18), the city will review all personal vehicles and put them under a coordinated management plan. The second phase (2017-20) will focus on developing multimodal public transportation to serve the demands of 50-55 percent of citizens in the inner city by 2030. 

The use of motorbikes in some areas of the city will be gradually limited in the third phase (2017-30), and banned in the inner districts by the end of 2030. 

Some 84 percent of residents in the inner city agreed to limiting the number of personal vehicles, according to results of a survey jointly conducted by the municipal People’s Committee and the city’s police among 15,300 households across 30 districts last month. 

An overwhelming 90.3 percent of the survey’s respondents agreed to the proposal of banning motorbikes and limiting the use of personal vehicles, provided that public transport is able to pick up the slack.