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New Hung Kings’ era research centre opens in Da Nang

The national research centre specialising in the Hung Kings’ period (2879 – 258 BC) launched a branch in the central city of Da Nang on August 14.

The new branch is located at No.89 Yen Bai street of Hai Chau district.

Founded in 2015, the cultural research centre focuses on the era of the Hung Kings, perceived as the founders of Vietnam. In particular, it looks at the tangible and intangible values, along with the history of national foundation and defence so as to promote Vietnamese people’s sense of patriotism.

Legend has it that Lac Long Quan (the son of Kinh Duong Vuong and Than Long Nu) married the fairy Au Co (the daughter of Heaven’s God De Lai). Au Co then gave birth to a pouch of 100 eggs, which hatched into 100 sons, believed to be Vietnam’s earliest ancestors.

They decided to separate in order to populate the land. Half of the children followed their mother to the highlands, while the rest went with their father to the sea.

Their eldest son was made the first king, who named the country Van Lang and set up the capital in Phong Chau (nowadays in northern Phu Tho province), starting the 18 reigns of the Hung Kings.

The worship of the Hung Kings is related to the ancestral worshipping traditions of most Vietnamese families, which forms an important part of local people’s spiritual life. It was recognised as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012.

The main commemoration of Lac Long Quan, Au Co, and the Hung Kings is held annually at the Hung Kings’ Temple complex in Phu Tho province.