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National conference plans personnel for new Party Central Committee

Hanoi, May 28 (VNA) – The Politburo convened a national conference in Hanoi on May 28 to launch directions for personnel work and the process of nominating candidates to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (12th tenure).

Secretary of the Party Central Committee and head of the Party Central Committee’s Organisation Commission To Huy Rua, said amid the current complicated and volatile developments domestically and regionally, the Party Central Committee, the Politburo and the Secretariat are required to have a firm political will, healthy moral values, good knowledge, capability and prestige to lead the entire Party, the nation and armed forces to overcome all difficulties and challenges, safeguard national independence, firmly defend the homeland while stepping up renovation process and successfully realising goals set by the 12th National Party Congress.

He stressed that the Party Central Committee must be a united, strong and transparent unit with uniform will and action. Its members must be steadfastly loyal to the goal of national independence and socialism for a strong country, wealthy people and a democratic, equitable and civilized society. At the same time, they should hold a strategic vision, a sense of creativity and innovation, and must be capable of leading the country in the new period of development.

Another requirement is that the committee should have a rational structure in order to ensure the leadership in all fields, maintain continuity among generations while cultivating leaders of tomorrow, he said.

For members of the Party Central Committee, Politburo and Secretariat, the guidance for personnel work put emphasis on three groups of qualities, which are political will, patriotism, loyalty to the Party and the nation; revolutionary ethics and morality; and knowledge and work competence.

Rua cited a number of must-have qualities, including the loyalty to the goal of national independence and socialism, Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought, the Party Platform, the State Constitution and national interests; strategic vision, “words go with deeds” spirit, the ability to deal with newly-emerging issues and being free of corruption or connection with “interest groups”.

The guidance for personnel work stressed that the new Party Central Committee must not contain any one who commit one of the following mistakes and wrongdoing: inconsistent political will, politically opportunistic and power ambition behaviours, corruption, systemic red tape and involvement in interest groups, violation of centralised democracy regulations, authoritarianism, unfairness in personnel appraisal and use, repression of whistleblowers and critics, being responsible for serious internal disunity or corruption and losses, weak professional performance and disciplines, refusing to obey Party’s assignment, dishonest asset declaration, inappropriate lifestyle of oneself or spouse and children, abuse of power for ill-gotten gains or having unclear political profiles.

The guidance also clarified the number of Party Central Committee members, their age range, the nomination process at local and central levels, among others.

In his closing speech, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong stressed the significance of personnel work in preparation for the 12 th National Party Congress as well as congresses or Party organisations at lower levels, in order to choose the best officials to the highest leadership of Party organisations of localities as well as ministries, agencies and central units.

He said the nomination process must be done carefully right at the first step and strictly based on criteria and regulations to ensure the best outcomes.

Municipal and provincial Party Committees were asked to conduct thorough studies and follow the Party Central Committee’s personnel guidelines.

The Party leader demanded holding up the sense of responsibility for personnel work in anticipation of the 12th National Party Congress slated for later this year.