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NA to convene Q&A sessions from June 13 to 15

Basing on the session’s agenda, opinions of voters and NA deputies, and issues of public concern, the NA Standing Committee submitted several groups of problems to be raised at the Q&A sessions to the parliament for decision. 

The proposed issues include breakthrough solutions and roadmap for agricultural restructuring; the preservation, protection, recovery and development of aquatic resources, and the management of aquatic resources exploitation. 

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development will be the main one in charge of fielding relevant questions. 

The Minister of Planning and Investment is set to reply to questions about measures to mobilise resources in the society for development investment; the allocation of investment funding from the state budget and the management of public investment; and the ministry’s responsibility towards the implementation of national key projects. 

Meanwhile, the quality of medical examination and treatment, medicine prices, medicine supply, and investment in grassroots medical facilities are proposed to be the focus of queries the Minister of Health will clear. 

The NA Standing Committee also suggested the management of cultural activities, the use of cultural and sport structures, the organisation of festivals, measures to prevent ethical degradation, along with ways to improve the quality of tourism planning be included in Q&A sessions. 

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism are expected to answer relating questions. 

Other ministers and sector leaders will also be in charge of fielding questions at those sessions. 

The Q&A sessions will be broadcast live on channel VOV1 of the Voice of Vietnam, VTV1 of the Vietnam Television, the TV channel of the National Assembly, and the parliament’s website at www.quochoi.vn.