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NA to conduct vote of confidence on October 25

National Assembly deputies will conduct a vote of confidence and debate the revised draft Law on Corruption Prevention and Control and the draft Law on Protection of State Secrets on October 25 during their ongoing sixth session.

In the morning, after listening to a report on results of group discussions relating to the vote of confidence on officials holding positions elected or approved by the National Assembly, deputies will cast their secret ballots.

The result of the vote is expected to be announced in the afternoon of the same day.

They will continue the morning session with a plenary discussion on the draft Law on Corruption Prevention and Control. The bill, which was also debated at the fourth and fifth sessions, includes 11 chapters and 96 articles. The deputies maintain different ideas on the settlement of property and unexplainable incomes.

In the afternoon, the deputies will give their opinions on the draft Law on State Secret Protection.

The law was debated at the NA fourth session and the 25th meeting of the NA Standing Committee. It comprises five chapters and 28 articles.