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Lai Vung – “Kingdom” of Mandarin Oranges

Lai Vung district in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap is known as the “kingdom of mandarin oranges” in the region.The reddish mandarin orange has become the trademark fruit grown by local farmers.
Located by the Hau River, Lai Vung district is blessed with fertilie soil and abundant sources of fresh water, therefore it has much more favourable conditions for growing this variety of fruit tree than elsewhere.

When we visited the district during the harvest season, we saw mandarin trees laden with fruit along the road. The district has about 2,000ha for growing mandarin oranges, mainly in the communes of Vinh Thoi, Tan Phuoc, Tan Thanh and Long Hau, which provides employment for many households. Every year, the locality supplies more than 40,000tonnes of the fruit to different provinces and cities nationwide and is exported to some foreign countries. A kilogram of mandarins is at 20,000-30,000VND.

Lai Vung is considered the “capital” of mandarin oranges with a total area of 2,000ha of red mandarins.
The locality annually provides more than 40,000tonnes for the market. Photo: Cong Dat

Thanks to preferable soil and weather condition,
the fruit trees planted in Lai Vung give high-quality fruit. Photo: Cong Dat

Farmers have to climb to harvest red mandarins. Photo: Cong Dat

Hong, an owner of a 400m2 ha farm in Lai Vung, said that each year the region attracts about 45,000 guests
who come to visit, learn about the business and buy the fruit. Photo: Cong Dat

The local mandarin is juicy and sweet.

Preventing branches laden with fruit from being broken. Photo: Cong Dat

Harvest time is the best time of the year for visiting the farms. Photo: Cong Dat

Mandarin trees laden with fruit. Photo: Kim Phuong

Harvesting mandarins. Photo: Kim Phuong
During the harvest, farms of mandarins in Lai Vung attract a large number of tourists and traders. Photo: Kim Phuong
Lai Lai Vung has become a favourite destination of a large number of tourists. Photo: Cong Dat

Packing the fruit for the market. Photo: Cong Dat

Local mandarins are one of the most sought-after products during Tet. Photo: Cong Dat

The fruit tree is also planted in other regions of the Cuu Long River delta, however, Lai Vung mandarins, especially red mandarins, are the juiciest and sweetest.  The fruit is also called “tieu son” mandarins by the locals because of its beautiful shape, thin skin of an orangereddish colour and it keeps fresh for a long time under natural conditions. 

 Admission tickets are 50,000VND/adult and 25,000VND/child. Time: 8a.m-5p.m
Local mandarins are one of the most sought-after products during Tet because for Vietnamese people, red and pink are the colours that bring luck in the New Year.

At present, besides selling the fruit, the locals have joined hands with tourism companies to make farms of red mandarins become tourist destinations, luring a large number of both domestic and foreign tourists. This new tourist form brings a huge income for local farmers, improving their living standards. The district has 7 red mandarin farms for tourists to visit and learn how to plant the tree and pick the fruit. They include farmsLan Anh and Hai Kiet in Long Hau commune, Ut Tuong and Hong Van in Tan Thanh commune, Tu Rang in VinhThoi commune and Phuong Nghi in Tan Phuoc commune.

Harvest time is the best time of the year for visiting the farms. Here, tourists have a chance to join local farmers and traders to harvest and enjoy the fruit and take photos while listening to amateur southern singing. All will give tourists an unforgettable experience.

Story: Cong Dat - Photos: Kim Phuong