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Kien Giang faces serous riverbank, coastal erosion

The southern province of Kien Giang has seen complicated developments of riverbank and coastal erosion which is affecting local infrastructure and people’s daily lives, according to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Erosion has hit more than 195km of river banks in An Bien, An Minh, Hon Dat, Giong Rieng, U Minh Thuong, Chau Thanh and Giang Thanh districts and Rach Gia city. Of which, 25km suffered from serious erosion. Over 300 billion dong (13 million US dollars) is needed to solve this situation.

Due to the impacts of West Sea waves, wave-induced currents and climate change, several coastal sections have been also eroded, with a total length of over 64km, accounting for nearly one third of the province’s total coastline. It is estimated that the province needs more than 1 trillion dong (46 million US dollars) to carry out measures to cope with coastal erosion.

According to Vice Chairman of the province People’s Committee Mai Anh Nhin, saltwater intrusion has become worse in recent time. If there are no solutions, its negative impacts will directly affect the lives of local residents and infrastructure facilities.

Serious coastal erosion is directly threatening dyke safety in An Bien, An Minh, Hon Dat and Kien Luong districts, he added.

He also admitted that improper investment in building protection facilities along the local coastline has resulted in more serious coastal erosion.

The province defines building coastal protection works in eroded areas as an essential and urgent task to protect coastal protective forests, infrastructure and communities, Nhin said.

However, it requires huge investment that goes beyond the local budget, he said, noting that Kien Giang proposed the Government to provide financial support for the province to protect its river and sea banks.

According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Government has planned to allocate 302 billion dong (13.1 million US dollars) for the province to build facilities to protect around 16.5 km of seriously eroded coastal areas in An Minh, An Bien and Hon Dat districts.