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Justice ministry deems procedures unsound

Hanoi, April 19 (VNA) - The Ministry of Justice recommended changing or removing 143 administrative procedures over the last three months, chief secretariat and spokesman of the ministry Tran Tien Dung said at a recent press conference.

He said unqualified administrative procedures made up more than 76 percent of those submitted to the ministry for assessment.

The ministry also examined 864 legal documents during the period, including 165 documents from ministries and ministry-line agencies, and 699 from localities. It found that 62 of the 864 legal documents violated content regulations.

The ministry received 530,900 cases on the enforcement of the Civil Code from October 2014 to March 2015 – 3.34 percent more than the same period last year. Of those, they solved more than 214,000 cases. The amount solved increased 1.78 percent over last year.

The ministry spokesman said the ministry expects to submit drafts of the revised Civil Code, revised Penal Code, Law on Auction and Law on Administrative Decisions.

He said the ministry proposes limiting the scope of capital punishment, reducing charges subject to prison sentences and expanding the application of non-custodial reforms.

The public has shown concern over the proposal, as some charges requiring a death sentence would be changed to life in prison – corruption, for example.

Nguyen Van Dung, deputy director of the ministry's Department of Criminal and Administrative Law, said reducing capital punishment is a trend in the legal reform process.