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Judgements made public in bid to improve transparency

Hanoi, May 28 (VNA) - The Supreme People's Court launched the publication of a collection of selected court judgements in Hanoi on May 27.

The publication was in three volumes covering criminal, civil, commercial and administrative judgements of the Supreme Justice Council during 2010-12.

The publication was supported by the European Union, Denmark and Sweden who funded the Justice Partnership Programme.

Bui Ngoc Hoa, Deputy Chief Justice of Vietnam, said at the launching ceremony, the publication strengthened transparency in the adjudication of the judiciary and the commitments of Vietnam towards international integration.

For internal purposes, he said the publication of cessation and re-opening decisions of the Justice Council was a significant instrument in promoting transparency and publicity in court adjudication.

"It provides directions for judges in deciding similar cases and promotes predictable decisions for the public," Hoa said.

Representatives of universities said the publication of three volumes was a useful source of reference for legislators, lecturers, researchers and law students in the period involving Vietnam joining the World Trade Organisation.

The volumes will be provided free to the Supreme People's Court, province and district-level people's courts, ministries, universities, research institutes and libraries.

Those who interested can access www.toaan.gov.vn to read the full collection of these volumes.

The publication of judgements was part of Vietnam's judicial reform strategy.

Representatives from the Central Judicial Reform Steering Committee, Supreme People's Court, Supreme People's Procuracy, Ministry of Justice, National Assembly, law firms, universities, embassies, international organisations attended the launching ceremony.