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Hung Kings Temples full of worshippers on Lunar New Year

Phu Tho, January 29 (VNA) – About ten thousand of people visited the Hung Kings Temples Complex in the northern province of Phu Tho on the Lunar New Year’s Day to pay tribute to the founders of the nation and pray for a happy new year.

Chu Van Duong, a resident in Au Co Ward of Phu Tho province, said as a New Year custom, his family always visit the Hung Kings temples and then worship the legendary ancestors of Vietnam - Mother Au Co and Father Lac Long Quan, at the temples dedicated to them on Sim Hill.

Security situation and environmental hygiene at the temples were well kept this year, said Luu Quang Huy, director of the historical complex.

As the number of visitors were likely to increase in the next few day, Huy suggested that people should continue to promote their sense of responsibility and follow the temples’ regulations to avoid pushing while keeping the environment there clean.

Located on Hung Mountain or Nghia Linh Mountain in Hy Cuong Commune, Viet Tri city of  Phu Tho Province, Hung Kings Temple is one of the most sacred places of worship in the country.

People across the country and overseas visit this place every year on the Lunar New Year, and on the national day designated for commemoration of the Hung Kings (the tenth of the third lunar month).

The Hung Kings ruled Vietnam from 2879 BC until 258 BC and are considered as the founders of the nation.

The worshipping rituals of the Hung Kings was recognised as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012.