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Hoa Vien Organic Vegetables

Located at the foot of Ba Mountain in Yen Binh Commune, Thach That District, Hanoi, Hoa Vien Farm has now become a reliable place for supplying organic vegetables branded “Rau sach dai ngan” for city dwellers.
With a desire to provide customers with safe food, Truong Kim Hoa, owner of Hoa Vien Farm, turned barren hills and a vast grass land into an organic vegetable growing area. Taking advantage of the large area with a source of fresh clean water from Ba Mountain in Ba Vi National Park, Hoa invested in farming organic vegetables in a total initial area of 5ha.

To meet the increasing demand of customers for safe vegetables, with assistance from the Hanoi Agriculture and Rural Development Department and Thach That District People’s Committee, the farm expanded the vegetable growing area to 10ha.

Not only supplying healthy products for customers but also paying much attention to environmental protection and the health of farmers, Hoa Vien Farm has strictly followed a process of growing organic vegetables from selecting seeds to harvesting. To prevent plants from being destroyed by insects and diseases, traps and useful animals like toads and lizards are used instead of chemicals. During the process of growing and tending the vegetables, the farm uses 100% organic fertilizer and others like compost, and microbiological fertilizer from soya beans.

Vegetable seedlings are to be grown at Hoa Vien Farm.

Fields of organic vegetables in the Hoa Vien Farm. 

All stages of growing vegetables are done manually.

The farm provides jobs for 100 labourers who earn over 100,000VND/day.  90%  of them are local women. 

Tending vegetables without any chemicals.

The automatic watering system at the farm.

In Hoa Vien Farm, traps are used to fight against insects rather than chemicals.

Organic vegetables of Hoa Vien Farm are carefully tended by the traditional method.

Organic products of Hoa Vien Farm have good quality and taste. 

The farm invests in building net houses to grow some organic varieties of vegetable. 

13 years ago, Hoa Vien Farm was a bald hill area which is now covered by fields of organic vegetables.

Hoa Vien Farm supplies 700-1,000kg of vegetables a day. 

One of the successes of the farm is to change the old farming habit of locals who often use chemicals and herbicides in agricultural production. Dang Thi Xuan, an employee at the farm said: “Previously I did not know about growing vegetables using the organic method so I used chemicals and herbicides in my vegetable fields. Since I have worked on the farm, I have been trained in the techniques about growing organic vegetables. I and many other locals are now applying this method to our fields”.

According to Hoa, her farm now provides the market with about 700-1,000kg of vegetables/day through its official showroom in Nghia Tan, Cau Giay and other agents like Ecofoods, Sevel Food, Cleverfood and Topgreen.

Thanks to its initial success, Hoa Vien Farm has drawn attention from experts from Japan, Israel and Denmark who want to cooperate with the farm. At present, the farm provides stable jobs for 100 employees, each earning from 5-7 million dong per month.

Sharing with us about the development strategy for the farm in the future, Hoa said, “The customers’ demand for safe food is great, so to further promote the development of “Rau sach dai ngan” branded organic vegetables in particular and other safe food in general, it is necessary to have the state’s assistance in mechanisms, technology transfer, management and supervising goods in the market. However, we will continue to invest to increase the quality of products to be worthy as a reliable partner of customers”.

Story: Ngan Ha - Photos: Viet Cuong