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High-tech Farming Production for Sustainable Development

To build new rural areas with sustainability, the capital city of Hanoi has applied high technology to farming to produce high quality products. This is of significance to restructuring the city’s agriculture in close connection with building new, modern rural areas.
In recent years, Hanoi’s agricultural sector has made positive changes in its production, since it implemented successfully the emergence of farms instead of small fields which is linked to the forming of specialised production zones; and investment in upgrading the irrigation network including dykes and dams, and inter-field transport roads. Re-zoning the fields has provided favorable conditions for localities to build various models of commodity-oriented agricultural production and the application of mechanisation.

The application of advanced techniques on strains and farming, and promotion of restructuring the growing of plants and raising animals, establishment of concentrated zones for commodity production -- all have made a firm foundation for the capital city to develop high-tech agriculture.

Nguyen Duc Thang in Kim An Commune (Thanh Oai District, Hanoi) grows fruit trees such as
orange and Dien pomelo according to VietGap standards, earning hundreds of millions dong per year.
Photo: Dinh Hue/VNA

Tissue culture is widely applied in flower cultivation in Phung Town (Dan Phuong District, Hanoi),
bringing high economic value. Photo: Dinh Hue/VNA

Hanoi is enhancing field re-zoning and agriculture mechanising. Photo: Hoang Ha/VNP

Applying advanced technology to flower growing provides farmers
in Yen So Commune (Hoai Duc District, Hanoi) with a high income. Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

Hanoi has re-planned fields and supported localities to build agricultural production models
with commodity and mechanisation orientation. Photo: Hoang Ha/VNP 

Cultivating safe rice and vegetables in Van Noi Commune (Dong Anh District, Hanoi). Photo: Hoang Ha/VNP

Farmers and Hanoi agriculture sector’s officials are introduced to agricultural machines.
Photo: Hoang Ha/VNP

Safe vegetables produced with advanced technology application are introduced
at Hanoi Agriculture and Craft Village Fair. Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

People come to Hanoi Agriculture and Craft Village Fair to learn about high-quality agricultural products.
Photo: Trinh Van Bo/VNP

To increase the output, quality and value of farm produce, Hanoi has approved the program to develop high-tech agriculture from 2016-2020. Accordingly, it will build one high-tech agriculture complex; 9 models of strain production; 51 showrooms of high-tech application to agricultural production; 22 models of semi-processing, preserving, and processing farm products; 3 enterprises that apply high technology to agricultural production, among others.
Currently, there are some models of high-tech application to production, processing and preservation of farm produce, which have brought high economic value and high income to the farmers. Some are the hybrid of high-quality rice strains, cultivation of caterpillar fungus and hybrid local special trees.

In Dong Anh District, for example, farms are built to grow orchids in net-covered and green houses using tissue-cultivated technology and dew spraying for water saving which have proven economically efficient. Meanwhile, in Son Tay, Ba Vi, Ung Hoa, Chuong My, Dan Phuong and Quoc Oai districts, the farmers have raised pigs and milk cows with a close breeding chain with a temperature, light and humidity-control system, and automatic eating and drinking troughs. These ways of farming and breeding production have turned out high quality products, winning the customers’ trust.

Chu Phu My, Director of the Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that application of high technology to agricultural production is one of the important contents of the project to restructure the capital city’s agriculture.

“Hanoi is famous nationwide for having many special farm products, such as Canh oranges, Dien pomelos, Ba Vi fresh milk and tea, Duong Lam chicken and Van Dinh duck, to name but a few. Many products have their brand names recognised, bringing high income to the local farmers,” said the director.

Story: Hoang Ha - Photos: Hoang Ha, Trinh Van Bo & Dinh Hue