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Hanoi: Living conditions in rural areas improve

The survey was conducted in 2016, covering more than one million households in rural areas and urban households engaged in agricultural, forestry and fisheries production. 

According to the survey, as of July 1, 2016, 96.41 percent of hamlets have health workers and 373 doctors are working at commune-level health centres, while 46.11 percent of rural communes had privately-run medical stations. 

Around 15 percent of the rural communes have concentrated water supply systems, and 25 percent of communes have a cultural house. 

Road infrastructure has been improved significantly, with 99.92 percent of hamlets accessible by car. 

The survey also revealed a positive shift in the economic structure in rural areas, with less agricultural households and more households engaged in industrial, construction and service activities. 

The city has 3,189 farms, an increase of 2,100 farms from 2011. 

The survey in Hanoi is part of the national survey, the outcome of which will be made public in the third quarter of this year.