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Growing Ido Longan in Thoi An

The model of growing ido longan (scientifically known as Euphoria Longana) now gives high economic value to many families in the city of Can Tho. 
Going to the commune of Thoi An in O Mon District, one will see large, lush longan orchards laden with fruit. We visited the longan orchard owned by Nguyen Van Ut in Thoi Trinh, Thoi An Ward at the time his family was harvesting the fruit.  Ut told us that his longan orchard covers about 5,000m2 and it is the third crop. This year, his family harvested about 20 tonnes of longan, worth 550 million dong.

The variety of ido longan is very suitable to the soil in the region so it has a high yield. It takes seven month from blossom to harvest. The fruit is large and has a thin skin and thick, tasty flesh. Each kilo of ido longan is sold for 20,000-30,000VND, so each household can earn an average of 80-120 million dong with a 1,000m2 longan orchard.  During harvest time, a large number of employees are hired to harvest fruit and each is paid 150,000-250,000VND/day. Thanks to its high quality, ido longan is now exported to many countries like China, Japan and the US.

Many households in Thoi An have grown ido longan.

The ido longan, originates in Thailand, is very suitable to the soil in the region.
Harvesting ido longan in an orchard in Thoi An.

Famers earn 80-100 million dong from a 1,000m2 longan orchard.

Ido longan harvested from orchards.

Cut off small and flat fruit in every bunch.

Employees are paid from 150-250 thousand dong/day during harvest time.

Ido longan has a thin skin and sweet and tasty flesh.

Ido longan is exported to many countries like China, Japan and the US.

Talking about techniques on growing ido longan, Ut said, “This variety is very suitable to the soil in the region. However, to increase the productivity, farmers must apply techniques on tendingand preventing the trees from some diseases. It is necessary to cut off small or flat fruit in bunches that enables the trees to give enough nutrition to other fruit. After harvesting, farmers should trim some rotten branchesso that the trees will give high productivity in the next crop.

At present, some households in An Thoi and other neighbouring areas in CanTho are beginning to grow ido longan. Nguyen Van Chung, Chairman of O Mon District Farmers’ Association said that this variety of longan gives a high economic value so they will expand the area for growing this variety in the future. The local authority will support farmers with loans and techniques on growing this variety.

Story: Nguyen Oanh - Photos: Nguyen Luan