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Gorgeous movies to be screened at Hanoi international film festival

A series of award-winning movies will be on screen for the first time and free at the fifth Hanoi International Film Festival, which will take place in the capital city from October 27-31.

The excellent movies will give insight into the world contemporary cinema, with all quintessence of culture, society and people of each country where the firms were born.

A scene in The Promised Land. Photo: haniff.vn

“A fantastic woman” by Chilean Director Sebastian Lelio, which features tolerance, acceptance, and empathy, will be among those films. Billed as  a “wonderful film about a marvelous woman, the film won the 90th Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Teddy Award-Best Feature Film” (An International Film Award for films with LGBT topics) and Best International Film-Independent Spirit Award 2018.

The fable and documentary film “A Ciambra” promises to create lasting impression on the audience. Directed by Jonas Carpignano, the film is set in Rome with all actors and actresses are amateurs who play themselves. The film won the Label Europa Cinemas Award at the 71st Cannes Film Festival (May 2018) and was the representative of Italy to attend the 90th Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film Category.

Another famous name “Ida” (2014) received a rain of awards, including Best Foreign Language Film of the Year at the 87th Oscars, 2015; nominated by the European Film Academy for Best Film list - 2014 Best Films. The film was nominated in seven categories and won five awards including Best European Film Award and the Audience Award at the 27th European Film Awards.

Iranian films “Taste of Cherry”, which won the Cannes Film Festival’s 1997 Plame d’Or, and “The Salesman”, which was honoured as the Best Screenplay award and Best Actor award will be screened at the film festival.

“The Pianist” (2002) is a touched film directed by Roman Polanski about concentration camp theme and genocide. It was awarded the Palme d’Or at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. In addition, the film has won three major Oscars including: Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor at the 75th Academy Awards.

Meanwhile, three films made by famous director Andrzej Wajda at the film festival are Ashes and Diamonds (1958), Promised land (1975), and Tatarak (2009). They are part of the Polish cinema in focus programme, and are milestones in Andrzej Wajda's career.

On the sidelines of the film festival, the Cinema Department will hold four screenings for journalists.