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Fake news on social networks must be strictly handled: official

Nguyen Huy Ngoc, Chief of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education, has urged competent agencies to strictly handle fake social network accounts in the names of agencies and individuals to post false information.

The official made the request as a fake Facebook account used the name of the commission to post articles calling on the public to stay vigilant against tricks that support traditional fish sauce, aiming to destroy domestic production. These articles have received many likes and comments, including inciting contents.

“The Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education has not used such Facebook account,” Ngoc affirmed, stressing that the case must be clarified.

Over the past time, many social network accounts were created in the names of agencies, units, organisations and individuals, including the commission.

The falsification has adversely affected the operation of organisations and individuals concerned, and violated legal regulations on information using and publication.

Such deeds need to be strongly condemned in order to make information popularisation on social networks healthy, he said.

Ngoc urged press agencies to participate in the struggle and reject false and distorted information, especially one on sensitive and complex issues that greatly impact people’s life.

These efforts will help readers understand and make right choices, he said.