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European media praises Vietnam’s achievements

Brussels, May 4 (VNA)- Vietnam’s achievements in 40 years since its reunification graced the front page of the Euro Presse Image on May 3.

The story recounted the historic milestone of the spring 1975 victory when Vietnam Liberation Army’s tank crashed through the gates of Saigon’s presidential palace, heralding the end of the US war in Vietnam.

The paper highlighted that the victory paved the way for a new era for Vietnam while underscoring that the national “Doi moi” (reform) policy launched in 1986 has transformed Vietnam from an underdeveloped nation to a low middle-income country.

It also pointed out that annual economic growth stands at 7 percent and the per capita income is expected to reach 2,200 USD by the end of this year. Vietnam has fulfilled a number of Millennium Development Goals as well.

Challenges faced by the country were also discussed in the article, including insufficient transport facilities, energy sources and high-quality labourers alongside development gaps between cities and provinces.

The article concluded by briefly summarising the country’s significant milestones since 1990, such as normalising relations with China in 1991 and with the US in 1995, as well as joining the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 1995.